Bill Sizemore

There are tons of false and misleading things about me floating around the internet. Some of it is so "out there" that it quite frankly gives me a good chuckle when I read it. Much of the misinformation is due to the efforts of liberal editors and reporters who have devoted countless front page stories and lead editorials to trashing yours truly. Add to that the folks who have been hired by my political opponents, primarily the public employee unions, to trash me in every venue possible and you have a lot of nasty stuff bouncing around out there. And of course, when your enemies spend tens of millions of dollars trashing you on television, some of it is bound to stick As it develops, this website will incrementally give visitors an honest glimpse into the real Bill Sizemore, warts and all, the good the bad and the ugly as they say. I will not waste my time or yours getting defensive about every attack made by some liberal Portland judge or teachers union attack machine. There has been no shortage of those. But I will make an honest attempt at setting the record straight regarding the bigger things. For example, union trolls often claim on blogs that I owe the unions millions of dollars and should pay up. Maybe the trolls really believe that and are simply misinformed. Maybe they know they are lying. But either way, the truth is I do not owe the unions one dime. The teachers unions did have a baseless $4.4 million judgment against me at one time, but that was overturned by the Oregon Supreme Court back in 2008. As I write this in October of 2014, I do not owe the public employee unions anything and have no pending lawsuits that will result in judgments. Here's another interesting factoid about my history in politics. Over the years, the average homeowner in Oregon has saved in the neighborhood of $25,000 to $50,000 in property taxes due to measures that I have written and placed on the ballot. The total amount Oregon taxpayers have saved due to my measures is more than $12 billion. That probably explains why those who live off tax dollars have been so shrill in the personal attacks they have waged against me. $12 billion is a lot of money left in the pockets of Oregonians that some would rather have lifted. And they blame for letting those "stingy" taxpayers vote to keep more of their own money. Today, I am working at a regular job and writing books on the side. I have self-published my first novel, "Escape from Jonestown," which tells the true story of the demise of the Jim Jones cult in Guyana and then springs off into a fast paced adventure in the snake infested jungles of South America. Blue Ink reviewed the book and called it "a rousing and believable tale..." They said the "compelling storyline will inspire adventure-hungry readers to keep turning the pages." I write fiction under the pen name Billy Rivers. I am almost finished with my second novel, which is another wild adventure that springs off the goings on at the Rajneesh cult in Central Oregon. I also have another full length book out, this one under my real name. It is called "The Fractured Church," which explores the causes of denominationalism and other forms of church division, explains where our 38,000 denominations came from, why new divisions and rifts continue to form. More importantly, I show why the divisions must end and how world-changing it will be when they do. Many have responded that before reading The Fractured Church they were certain that real church unity was literally impossible, but after finishing the book now believe that a total end of denominationalism is not only possible, but inevitable. Well, that's enough for today. I will add to this post on a regular basis, so please come again. I am both honored and humbled that you visited my website. Bill Sizemore